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August 26, 2022

Ladybug Music® flying record notes

Follow along with Ladybug Music® teacher Annie doing one of our favorite small movement songs.

“There was a little turtle.”
by Ladybug Music®

Listen to our song here:

Apple Music


Benefits of small movement:

  • Music and movement activities have been shown to increase school readiness, as well as contributing to school success. Music and movement activities benefit concentration, memory, language, and influences decision-making abilities.
  • When language is combined with movement, learning increases by 90%
  • Physical activity helps your child’s brain in the areas of processing speed, focused attention, and attention span.
  • In small movement songs, children learn patterns and sequencing which increases memory.
  • Imaginations also increases through small movement. Having children act out swimming through puddles and climbing on rocks activates the parts of their brains that encourage visualization.


Ladybug Music® flying record notes

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