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Awesome Music. Great Community. Educational Fun.

Exploring songs & rhythms from around the world, your kids will sing, dance and play instruments while finding their own musical voice along the way!

With Ladybug Music’s award-winning curriculum we are confident that your child will grow to love music and blossom into a confident, social, and creative girl or boy.

Voted Best by LA Magazine, Nickelodeon, RedTri

Professional Teachers & Musicians

Mixed Age Classes & Siblings Can Join Together

Recommended by Parent's Choice Awards & the American Library Association

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Infant – 4 years old

40 – 45 min


10-Week Fall Session
Sep 19th – Dec 3rd, 2022
Week of Thanksgiving off

Benefits of an Interactive
Online Class


Ladybug Music® classes are now online allowing your child to continue singing, dancing, playing and having fun from the comfort of home.

Live Music Class At Home

Ladybug Music® classes are now online allowing your child to continue singing, dancing, playing and having fun from the comfort of home.

Maintain A Routine

At Ladybug Music®, we understand and believe in the power of repetition and routine. With our online classes, your child will have a consistent schedule of active screen time that enhances their development and provides socialization.

Joint Media Engagement

Parents are the interactive element in joint media engagement providing a lead role for children to learn from and imitate. The online experience is an opportunity to connect and deepen the parent-child bond.

Not Just Screen Time!

Because our classes are live-streamed and require child and adult participation, our fun activities nurture your little one’s basic music skills and early childhood development which includes:

  • Body & Brain Connections
  • Fine & Gross Motor Skills
  • Social-Emotional understanding
  • Language & Reasoning Skills

In class we…

  • Learn to keep time with drums, shakers, and sticks
  • Improve fine motor skills with small movement songs
  • Increase body-awareness with fun dances
  • Sing songs that teach us new words
  • PLUS fun instrument jams, parachutes, bungees, scarves and more!

Why Us?

We’ve been voted “Best of LA” by RedTri, LA Magazine & Nickelodeon and our high-quality original music is recommended by the American Library Association and Parent’s Choice Awards.

Since 2009, Ladybug Music® has grown into an amazing community of warm, friendly families that LOVE music as much as we do! Join us today for a fun and easy way to learn music with your little ones!

COVID-19 Health & Safety Guidelines for Indoor Classes

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