Love , love, love. My 2yo loves coming every week. Such a calm and nurturing environment really helps with her development. Children are able to be themselves with structure but not overly strict. The class is divided into music , dance, and instruments. Very happy with the time I get to spend interacting with my child. Teacher Beth is absolutely amazing.

Luana L.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 07/07/2023

My son started at 1.5 years old, and we’ve been going weekly for 3 sessions now. It’s so much fun and incredible to watch him grow in the class. He started off not knowing what was going on, and now he dances and participates in all the activities. He requests the soundtrack in the car constantly, and I even catch him singing the “Ladybug Hello” song to himself. Love love this class and can’t say enough great things about Cynthia and Michelle 🙂

Lisa L.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 06/13/2023

The Ladybug Music Center provides a wonderfully energetic, professional and magical music experience that awakens and inspires the natural music-loving spirit children possess! Super clean and comfortable, a happy sing, play and dance session that educates and uplifts us all!

Surf M.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Google 05/01/2023

My 2.5 year old daughter is absolutely in love with this class. When we first started almost a year ago, she was very shy and didn’t enjoy going anywhere. Over the last year I have watched her go from only observing, to now participating and anticipating the next song. Beth is an absolute joy and the most wonderful teacher. I’m so happy we found this place!!

Dixie T.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 03/21/2023

Our 14 month old son, loves the Ladybug classes! We started taking these classes online due to the pandemic when my son was five months old. We decided to move to in-person classes when he turned nine months old when we felt the environment was safer. Ladybug is more cautious when it comes to COVID safety and that made us more comfortable. From the very beginning, he has always looked forward to the class. We have noticed how much he responds to the music and recognizes the songs. He has enjoyed the transition to taking in-person classes since he has an opportunity to socialize with the other kids of different ages and play with some of the different instruments. He loves taking classes from Cynthia and Michelle. Both of them play great music, are very engaging, and make the class fun.

Jennifer D.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 02/20/2023

We have been a Ladybug Music family going on 5 years and continue to love the program, always racing to sign up when the new sessions open.  We started with my son when he was about 8 months old and he loved it so much we kept him in it for years (until he was in school everyday), and now it’s my daughter’s turn (though my son still loves returning for a class on occasion with his sister).  The classes are fun and engaging, and the teachers work so well with children.  I did quite a bit of research into different music classes before selecting this one and have been very satisfied with my choice.  I have recommended it to friends and will continue to do so.

Patricia Y.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 02/15/2023

We LOVE Ladybug. Both my son and daughter started before they were crawling and besides every class being engaging and fun, it has supported their growth in so many ways…the music is stylistically and culturally diverse and the variety of rhythms and instruments they get to engage with is so brilliant for their development. SO glad we found them. Wholeheartedly recommend.

Alyson M.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 12/01/2022

Let me start off by saying how special Ladybug music has been to our family over the last 4+ years. Each of our 3 children have absolutely adored Ladybug class and teacher Beth. Beth has a beautiful voice and she interacts with the children with such patience and grace. The songs are interactive and unique, the instrument inclusion is spaced perfectly to keep the children engaged, and the room is comfortable for the children to roam. Although my older two kids are in school now, they still know all of the Ladybug songs on all of the cds as we listen to them religiously at home and on the go. My daughter (now age 6) frequently pretends to be Beth and plays her guitar while leading a Ladybug class for her baby dolls. Ladybug has played an integral role in our childrens’ upbringing and we are forever grateful that all 3 of them are able to share these memories together. Patricia has created a truly magical experience for so many children (and parents too!).

Kerry R.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp & Google 11/04/2022

We have been coming to ladybug music since our baby was 3 or 4 months old. He is 9 months now and is getting more and more excited by the songs. We play them in the car too and it’s one of the only things that calms him down. In class, he often stares lovingly at his teacher Beth.  She is great with the kids and has a beautiful voice! We love our ladybug days!

Bri R.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 11/02/2022

Our 14 month old loves Ladybug Music! He really responds to the music and instruments (especially the drums!) that he gets to experiment with in class. The class feels like the right length for him–not too long–and it gives him good exposure to other kids of different ages. We are on the more cautious end of the spectrum when it comes to Covid safety, so requiring adults to be masked + vaccinated was essential in our feeling comfortable doing an indoor class weekly. Our son also really responds to our instructor, Cynthia! We are counting down the days between the Summer session ending and Fall starting. Can’t wait to get back.

Sasha B.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 08/31/2022

As a mama of two beautiful girls one being 3 and the other is 1. I absolutely LOVE that I can take both girls to class together. It’s usually impossible to take them to one class because of their age. I love seeing them dance, play drums, and sing. I love that we can play Ladybug music in my car, my girls stop what they’re doing to sing and do the body movement. Any parents who want to see their kids thrive and have a blast needs to sign up for Ladybug music.

Jaynee M.

IN-PERSON, 5★ on Yelp 08/23/2022

If you are looking for an incredible music class for your littles, look no further. I have been with Ladybug for years and am now back in classes with my second child. Ladybug is the best class on every level. As a musician myself, I see how the kids love the music and have the best time, not even realizing the amazing skills they are acquiring through the thought that Patricia has put into the program. Every warm up, song, experience has a purpose way beyond being super fun. There is no way you won’t be singing these songs. My oldest knows every word to every song on every album which is a treat because the music spans across every genre. I truly cannot say enough about this group of brilliant and lovely humans.

Jackie S.

IN-PERSON & ONLINE CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 6/08/2022

So we found Ladybug Music® pre-COVID; my two year old at the time only got to enjoy 2-3 classes before the shut down. We tired doing the zoom music class but it just didn’t work for us. I then signed up to get email notifications so we could sign up the second in person classes started. A year and half went by (or so) and there it was- in person classes!! At this point I now sign up my 3.5 and 1.5 year old. THEY LOVED COMING TO MUSIC. Seeing their bond grow and having a blast through music and instruments has been some of the sweetest moments I’ve witnessed. We are now doing our 3rd session I believe with Ladybug Music® newest teacher Cynthia and she’s great! The kids love her and she has an amazing voice! It’s also a huge plus that the music they play is good. It’s all music made by the founder Patricia and I will say listening to this on repeat in the car is 100 times better than listening to baby shark.

Brenda L.

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 05/21/2022

My husband and I are both musicians, but still felt like we wanted to take our one year old to a music class. We are so happy that we did! Our daughter LOVED her first session so much that she started making song/choreography requests at home. She made it clear that she HAD TO GO BACK! We are in our second session with Cynthia as our teacher. We love Cynthia! Her voice is beautiful, she is kind, patient, and so encouraging. Being first time parents during a pandemic, we feel safe there and love that she is getting social time while LEARNING. We love Lady Bug music!!

Ashley B.

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 05/06/2022

My son, 2-years old, loves the Ladybug classes! We have been going every week for 6-months and plan to continue to attend classes. The music is fun and the teachers are skilled and engaging.

Julia M.

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 04/27/2022

Ladybug Music® is absolutely amazing! It’s been such a huge blessing to our little family.
I am so grateful for the unique experience that I credit with helping us manage through the 2020/2021 pandemic. Each instructor has been incredibly talented and captivated our little one’s attention and heart. I can only begin to explain the numerous ways that Ladybug Music® has grown our daughter. Hearing a 2 then 3-year-old creatively remold songs with her own lyrics is astounding to hear. I ashamedly have no musical talent whatsoever and Ladybug Music® fostered such a deep love and curiosity for music and a variety of instruments in her.
Having done the classes online, especially during the height of the pandemic Ladybug Music® was able to provide our toddler with some consistency and social time. She loved seeing all the other children and had something exciting to do each week and staying within the mandated restrictions for gathering! She truly enjoyed it but so did I. The music is fun and catchy without being obnoxious. That’s a huge accomplishment in the world of children’s music.
Her excitement for the world around her is another great effect from Ladybug Music®. We were in a thrift store looking at books and she found one about a Blobfish and was so excited. We read it multiple times and she insisted on showing the instructor her new book during the next class because Blobfish is one of her many favorite Ladybug Music® songs. She had an equally exciting time learning about plovers and crocodiles. There is so much learning every single session. We loved getting up and moving around but also have softer snuggle songs. Our little one asks for Watch the Stars song before bed/nap, that’s how impactful it has been. She also tells her friends and sometimes people we’ve just met about Ladybug Music® and loves to tell our smart speaker to play the songs.
I truly appreciate the impact Ladybug Music® has already been and we look forward to enjoying it again soon.

Elisa D.

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 01/13/2022

My son and I love Ladybug Music®! Another family member recommended the program, and we were able to try out the virtual classes for free before we committed to 10 sessions (which we thought was a big bonus). At this point, we have now completed two virtual sessions (10 weeks) and have thoroughly enjoyed them. A big shout-out to the whole Ladybug team! Highly recommended!

Evan Herbert

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★on Google, 01/10,/22

My daughter is a pandemic baby so we have kept things close to home to be safe since she was born in March 2020. I found Ladybug when I was searching for virtual classes to get her engaged and learning and to break up the day. My daughter, now almost 2 years old, LOVES her weekly music class. She is about to start her second 10-week session with Ladybug. We will have the same Instructor again, Kimberly Holmes. She has been great. I swear, our daughter loves these classes and the songs so much. We listen to the songs from class through the Spotify playlists provided all week/every day! I am so grateful to have found this program for virtual music classes!

Mary S.

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 01/10/2022

I initially started out the class because I wanted to expose my son to as many educational experiences, however the reward was far greater than expected. Ladybug requires attendees to be fully vaccinated and has a well thought out routine for the class. I’ve noticed major improvements with my toddlers behavior and excitement towards his class. As long as I live in this area he will be attending. Big shout out to his teacher Beth, she’s amazing with all her kiddos and Onyx loves her!

Diana R.

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★ on Yelp 12/9/2021

Relaxing, roomy and very clean space to enjoy lovely upbeat music and harmonious guitar playing and beautiful singing by the teacher, a happy place for the children to participate in singing, dancing and making music! Time went by so quickly thanks to such enjoyable Ladybug Music®!

Dorothy Purcell

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★on Google, 09/25/2021

My daughter loved her experience. At a time we were all sheltered at home and she got to see her best friend he was also online with his mother and they got to play music with lots of other kids and the teacher. It was almost like having the old-style romper room but virtual. And much more. Kudos. Props to all of you!

Gary Pearl

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★on Google, 07/20/2020

My four children (aged 19mn to 6yrs) enjoy their ladybug class very much and are always looking forward to their Thursday morning zoom class. The songs are wonderful and creative. We get to listen to them during the week from the free downloads.

Jackie Raynor

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★on Google, 07/14/2020

I have enjoyed the online music classes with my 9 month old. Great music and sweet teachers, fun for the whole family

Demetra Kalogrides

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★on Google, o7/07/2020

My son and I LOVE! Ladybug Music®! Having an online option has been a huge blessing for our family and friends – giving us the ability to connect in new ways! Not only that, but having an outlet to learn, grow and play has been something we have been craving since the world shut down! Thank you Miss Patricia for everything you do, and I hope you continue to offer online classes even when restrictions lift!

Cassie Watters

ONLINE CLASSES, on Facebook, 06/09/2020

We went to the live classes for many months and decided to try out the online class…it did not disappoint! We love the format which makes it fun as well as educational. Teacher Beth makes it upbeat and sweet and seeing the other families participating is a good chance to connect during quarantine. I just caught my 3 year old singing one of the songs, so even though he’s sometimes running around while the Zoom is going on, he’s still absorbing it.

Catherine Kresge Kang

IN-PERSON & ONLINE CLASSES, on Facebook, 06/07/2020

The ladybug curriculum is so much better than so many other classes I’ve taken my little one to…it is rooted in the building blocks of great musical knowledge. The music is culturally eclectic, rhythmically interesting, and always features an interactive element that my little one adores! We love Teachers Patricia and Beth and I would recommend them to anyone!!

Alyson Lindsay Melling

ONLINE CLASSES, 5★on Google, 05/09/2020

My daughter started Ladybug classes when she was 6 months old. She was the youngest in many of the classes a that time, but she loved it! Now she’s 2 years old and going to class continues to be the highlight of her week. We see how the classes ignite her verbal skills, social skills, motor functioning, and overall learning.
What I appreciate most about Patricia (the owner) is that she’s created a culture of learning and engagement that is based in childhood development. It’s not just a group singing songs, it’s a full experience with a lot of intentionality and research behind it.
AND she has fantastic, professional musicians who facilitate classes. My daughter is thrilled to know that one of her teachers sang on the new Lion King soundtrack.
The HQ space is super clean, and the staff are all exceptional. We refer our family friends to Ladybug consistently!

Sarah Goodson

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★on Google, 01/20/2020

My son (22 months) has been attending classes for more than a year now and absolutely loves it. He is constantly singing and dancing around the house. I enjoy that he is being exposed to music and instruments, and it’s fun to see his rhythm improve — he was a hit on the dance floor at my office holiday party! He attends the Studio City location and the space is clean and bright.

Patricia Young

IN-PERSON CLASSES, 5★on Google, 01/15/2020

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