Why Us


It starts with the music!

Ladybug Music®’s original songs are designed from the first note to honor the intelligence of young children while engaging and creating connection with their caregivers. 

Exploring songs & rhythms from around the world, your kids will sing, dance and play instruments while finding their own musical voice along the way!

The Benefits

Award-winning Music Classes

Professional Teachers & Musicians

Educational, Fun Community Environment

American Library Association Recommended Music Curriculum

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Learning with Ladybug Music® is joyful, thoughtful, and backed by science.

Woven into Ladybug Music® multi-sensory curriculum are activities developed specifically for building and strengthening:

Body & Brain Connections

Learn to keep time with drums, shakers, and sticks.

Fine & Gross Motor Skills

Fun dances and small-movement songs teach a variety of motor skills.

Social-Emotional Understanding

Share songs and stories that promote self-awareness and self-confidence.


Language & Reasoning Skills

Discover new words from our original songs, which your family will sing for years to come!

Meet Ladybug Music®

Teachers & Band

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